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Schola Sanctae Sunnivae

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae (Trondheim, Norway) is one of very few ensembles seeking to preserve the heritage of Norwegian Gregorian chant from the middle ages, with a special focus on Nidaros (medieval Trondheim). The ensemble has interpreted and recorded large amounts of Gregorian material from original Nidaros manuscripts now housed in the Royal Library of Copenhagen.

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae is a vocal ensemble consisting of between 14 and 18 female voices. Established in 1992, the ensemble has from the beginning aimed to interpret, record and present Gregorian chant from the early medieval period.

Anne Kleivset founded the ensemble and remains its conductor and artistic director. In 2009 the city of Trondheim appointed Schola Sanctae Sunnivae as “official pilgrimage choir” to the Nidaros Pilgrim Center.

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae believes in passing on the original Gregorian chant tradition as well as seeking to combine it with other genres and more modern forms of artistic expression. SSS has developed its own performance style and has collaborated with some of Norway`s most recognized artists, including jazz musicians, folk musicians, symphony orchestras, actors and dancers. The ensemble gives regular public performances in Norway, and has also held concerts in many European countries including Belgium, France, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Spain.

Schola Sanctae Sunnivae has over the years built up an extensive competence in Gregorian chant, both with respect to its theoretical and performance aspects. SSS has worked with some of Europe`s finest specialists within this field and have been recognized for their work both in Norway and abroad. The ensemble serves as a unique ambassador both for Trondheim and Norway.

The Schola`s work over twenty years has led to 4 CD recordings: “Fingergullofficiet – De Susceptione Sanguinis Christi” (KKV 1997), “Rex Olavus” (KKV 2000), “St.Johannes officium” (KKV 2006) and “In Nativitate Beatae Mariae Virginis” (2L 2010).

Possible Performances offered by Schola Sanctae Sunniva:

 1.Concerts with Gregorian chant from different parts of the Liturgical year with both national and international material.

 2.Seminars and classes in Gregorian chant, for choirs and other groups.

 3.Performances in collaboration with musicians, dancers, actors etc.

4. Gregorian chant in masses and other ceremonies.

Anne Kleivset

Anne Kleivset (1960) has studied church music and educational science at The Music Conservatory of Trondheim and has a Master`s degree in Performing Arts (Gregorian chant) at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She has taken classes in Gregorian chant at The Benedictine Monastery of Solesmes, France, and The Music Conservatory of Paris, as well as private lessons with Frater Cornelius Pouderoijen (Austria) and conductor Eugeen Liven D`Abelardo (The Netherlands). She has also studied one year at Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen. Anne Kleivset has been the conductor and artistic director of Schola Sanctae Sunnivae since the ensemble was established in 1992. She has initiated four CD recordings as well as a series of concerts and semi-theatrical productions, such as “Rex Olavus”, “Days of Johannes”, “As a Rose, as a Lily” and “Mistero Buffo”. Additionally she works with vocal expression in many forms, both as a singer and as a voice teacher: in concerts, theatrical productions, folk music performances etc. She also gives classes and seminars in vocal technique, Gregorian chant and folk music.


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Fra "Fingergull - In Festo susceptionis sanguis Domini" 2L
Fra "Fingergull - In Festo susceptionis sanguis Domini" 2L
Fra Fingergull - In Festo susceptionis sanguis Domini, 2L
Fra "Nativitate Beatae Mariae Virginis"